The Magna Carta Project

IV. A cartulary of Pipewell abbey: BL Add MS. 37022, fos.135v-137v.

by Professor David Carpenter

This copy has the 1225 start to the Charter. 1 The earl correctly owes relief ‘de baronia comitis integra.’ The baronial relief is 100 marks. The end of the Charter is as 1217, so there is nothing about the tax, the saving clause is in the 1217 position, and there is the chapter on adulterine castles. The copy concludes by stating that the Charter is sealed by the legate and William Marshal. There is no ‘giving’ clause with Richard Marsh. There is also (between fos.137v-138v) a copy of the Charter of the Forest, which has references to the legate and William Marshal, to the king acting on his spontaneous will, and to the tax.


The cartulary is listed in C. Breay, J. Harrison and D. M. Smith, Medieval cartularies of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 2010), nos.774-5.

The Copies of Magna Carta