The Magna Carta Project

IV. A late thirteenth, early fourteenth-century statute book: BL Add MS. 62534, fos.1-5v.

by Professor David Carpenter

This has all the major variants noted above, under  I.

In the preamble’s list of John’s counsellors, ‘G’ archbishop of Canterbury heads the list, but many names are then omitted. 

After chapter 19, the chapter from the Charter of 1217 (15) about darrein presentment is added.  

Chapter 38 reads ‘ad legem manifestam’ rather than ‘ad legem simplici loquela’.

In chapter 50, ‘Cancellis’ appears as ‘Cantilupo’ and ‘Martini’ as ‘Sancto Marco. Philip Mark and his relations are omitted.

In chapter 61, ‘petentes’ replaces ‘petent’.

‘G’ archbishop of Canterbury appears in chapter 62, whereas the other ‘G’ versions revert to ‘S’ here.

The dating clause correctly has the regnal year as seventeen.

The Copies of Magna Carta