The Magna Carta Project

IX. The Benedictine priory of St Nicholas at Exeter: British Library Vitellius D ix, fos. 94-6.

by Professor David Carpenter

The last entry made in same hand which wrote out the Charter is a document dated to 1335.1 The text of Magna Carta ends at the bottom of f.96 just after the start of chapter 26. Folio 96v and the two following folios are left blank, as though the scribe meant to continue his transcription but never did. It would seem, however, judging from as far as the copying went, that the priory had access to an authorized text of the 1215 Charter.  


‘List of Charters in the Cartulary of St Nicholas at Exeter’, ed. T. Phillipps, Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica, 1 (London, 1834), pp.60, 374 no.210. 


The Copies of Magna Carta