The Magna Carta Project

VIII. A cartulary of Montacute priory: Oxford Trinity College MS 85, deposited in the Bodleian Library.

by Professor David Carpenter

This copy of the Charter is found in the abbey’s general cartulary, which dates to between 1305 and 1316.1 It is of the authorized version down to the start of chapter 18, at the bottom of f.xiiii. Folios xv to xviii are then missing and the text resumes on f.xix at the start of chapter 62. It then continues to the end once again as the authorized version. To supply the lack of the missing section, however, folios were later inserted, of which only one survives. In a late medieval hand, the inserted folio begins the text near the end of chapter 41 and continues until the end of chapter 61. The scribe, however, was here using one of the variant texts of the Huntington family, discussed below, not the authorized version.


C. Breay, J. Harrison and D. M. Smith, Medieval cartularies of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 2010), no.679. Calendared in The Two Cartularies of the Augustinian Priory of Bruton and the Cluniac Priory of Montacute, ed. H.C. Maxwell-Lyte and others (Somerset Record Society, 8, 1894), with the reference to Magna Carta on p.130. 

The Copies of Magna Carta