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VII. A cartulary of Luffield priory: Cambridge University Library Ee. I.I, fos.154-156v.

by Professor David Carpenter

The copy here is in a late thirteenth-century statute book in the possession of Luffield priory.1 The heading is ‘Carta Johannis Regis que vocatur Runnemed’’.

In chapter 20, the text reads ‘si inciderit’ rather than ‘inciderint’.

In chapter 39, instead of ‘nec super eum ibimus, nec super eum mittemus’ the text reads ‘nec super eum manum mittemus’.

There are many omissions in chapters 41 and 42 on entry to and exit from the kingdom. There are also mistakes in the transcription of chapters 48, 52, 55, and 59. 

At the end, the Charter is given on 16 not 15 June.


  C. Breay, J. Harrison and D. M. Smith, Medieval cartularies of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 2010), no.635.

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