The Magna Carta Project

VI. The Liber Niger of Christ Church cathedral priory Dublin: Dublin, Representative Church Body Library, C.6. I.I, fos.162v-165.

by Professor David Carpenter

The text here[1] follows closely that in I, above. 

There is the same mistake as in V, above, over running chapters 20 and 21 together.

Hands in the margin point to chapters 20, 27, 32, 37 and 54.

Against chapter 30, forbidding sheriffs and royal bailiffs taking the carts of a free man for carriage unless with the consent of the free man, there is the note ‘de cariagio faciendo iusticiariis vel aliis ministeriis domini Regis.’  This is an interesting indication of the perceived relevance of the chapter.

Chapter 43 reads ‘si faceret baro’ as in V, above.

In chapter 50, Philip Marc becomes ‘Philipum et Marcum’.

Chapter 58 has been worded so that the king is to return the hostages of Wales to the son of Llywelyn.

Against chapter 59, there is the marginal annotation ‘de Rege Scottorum Alexandro’.

Against chapter 61, the security clause, there is the marginal annotation, ‘pro baronibus Anglie et pacis’.

In chapter 61, there is neither ‘petent’ nor ‘petentes’ but ‘quem sine dilatione faciemus emendari’, as in I, above (apart from ‘faciemus’ rather than ‘faciamus’).

In the dating clause, the regnal year is given as sixteen as in V, above.

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