The Magna Carta Project

VI. The copy of the Charter in a chronicle of Norwich cathedral priory, Norfolk Record Office DCL 1, folios unnumbered.

by Professor David Carpenter

This chronicle is chiefly known from its late thirteenth-century continuation by the Norwich monk, Bartholomew Cotton. The heading is ‘Carta regis Johannis de communis libertatibus anglie’.1 Although there are some variations, there can be little doubt that this text of the Charter was copied, directly or indirectly, from that in the ‘collectanea’ of John of Wallingford, since it shares many of the variants noted above.  


  For this volume, see Bartholomaei de Cotton Historia Anglicana, ed. H.R. Luard (Rolls Series, 1859), pp. xx-xxii.

The Copies of Magna Carta