The Magna Carta Project

XIII. BL Add. MS. 25005, fos.57v-60v.

by Professor David Carpenter

This is a fascinating volume, which has both a chronicle down to the reign of Richard I and an early Register of Writs (one from before the 1236 Statute of Merton).1  There is a great deal of material from 1233-1234 relating to the outlawries of Hubert de Burgh, Richard Seward and the Bassets. There is also legislation from 1234. The copy of the 1225 Charter, therefore, seems to be early, yet it has the earl owing relief ‘de comitatu integro’ and places the baronial relief at 100 marks. The copy of the Charter lacks a witness list. The Charter of the Forest follows.


Early Registers of Writs, ed. E. de Haas and G.D.G. Hall (Selden Society, 87, 1970), pp.cxix-xxi.

The Copies of Magna Carta