The Magna Carta Project

XIII. London Liber Custumarum MS D, fos.21-22: London Metropolitan Archives COL/CS/01/006, fos. 21-2.

by Professor David Carpenter

This is a volume now split between the sections in the London Metropolitan Archives, Claudius D ii, and Oriel College 46.1 It dates to around 1324 and was a volume of royal charters and city laws and customs. Folios 21-22 have a copy of the 1215 Charter from chapter 45 until the end, the earlier chapters having been on missing folios. The surviving section has none of the small variations in word order that XI and XII display in these chapters. It does not repeat XII’s mistakes in chapter 47. Unlike XI and XII, its date is 15 not 16 June. XIII is unlikely, therefore, to have been copied from XI and XII. However, all three have ‘petentes’ rather than the authorized version’s ‘petent’.


See N. Ker, ‘Liber Custumarum and other manuscripts formerly at the Guildhall’, Guildhall Miscellany, 1 (1954), pp. 135-9.

The Copies of Magna Carta