The Magna Carta Project

XI. A St Albans volume given to Tynemouth priory: BL Cotton Vitellius A xx, fos. 99-101v.

by Professor David Carpenter

There is no preamble. The earl owes a relief correctly ‘de baronia comitis integra’. The baronial relief is 100 marks. The end of the Charter is 1225. The witness list ends with Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford. The Charter then concludes ‘Teste me ipso’ at Westminster on 11 February in the king’s ninth year. The Charter is followed by the Coronation Charter of Henry I.1   


See J. C. Holt, ‘The St Albans Chroniclers and Magna Carta’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, fifth series, 14 (1964), pp.67-88, reprinted in his collected essays, Magna Carta and Medieval Government (London, 1095), pp.266-87, at p.269-70.

The Copies of Magna Carta