The Magna Carta Project

Exhibition cover

The Magna Carta Exhibition at the British Library

The British Library is a partner in the Magna Carta Project and Professor Nicholas Vincent and Professor David Carpenter have been members of the advisory group which supported the development of the themes and content of the British Library's exhibition, Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy (13.3.15-1.9.15). Nicholas Vincent and David Carpenter contributed extensively to the catalogue, to the BL's Magna Carta website and to a number of public lectures and debates at the Library. They have also been filmed and appear in videos in the exhibition and on our website. The exhibition and events at the Library have helped to bring the research from the AHRC-funded Magna Carta Project directly to the wider public.

This AHRC film featuring Nicholas Vincent, David Carpenter and Claire Breay, Head of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library and a co-investigator in the Magna Carta Project, shows how the research undertaken during the Project underpinned preparation for the Magna Carta exhibition and wider public programme at the British Library.

The partners in the AHRC-funded Magna Carta Project were also at the heart of the Library's research day on 4 February 2015 during the week of the unification of the four 1215 Magna Carta documents.

The Magna Carta exhibition closed on 1.9.15 but the catalogue is still available.

Photo of exhibition