The Magna Carta Project

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Notes for use:

  • Move (pan):
    • With mouse: left-click drag, with touch-pad: click and drag with one finger, on phone/tablet: drag with one finger
    • or: use the four arrow/compass buttons in the top right of the viewer
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    • With mouse: scroll with the scroll wheel, with touch-pad: use two finger scroll or your laptop's zoom gesture, on phone/tablet: two finger pinch
    • or: use the +/- buttons in the top right of the viewer
  • Grey squares are images that are still loading; these mosaics need a lot of data, so please be patient!
  • Click the large expansion button at the top right to enlarge the viewing area.
  • Some of the charter appear to curve; this is due to artefacts introduced by the software that we used to align the images.
Charter Rolls