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Notification of the King’s confirmation of a hide of land in Curbridge as an escheat granted by Godfrey bishop of Winchester together with the whole land in (East) Meon (Hampshire) that belonged to Walter fitz Richard of Oxenbourne



Notification of the King’s confirmation of a hide of land in Curbridge as an escheat granted by Godfrey bishop of Winchester together with the whole land in (East) Meon (Hampshire) that belonged to Walter fitz Richard of Oxenbourne


Gervase Gaubert (People)

Date of issue

2 March 1200

Place of issue

Freemantle (Places)


A = Oxford, Magdalen College Archives Misc. 171. Reproduced by kind permission of the President and Fellows of Magdalen College, Oxford


B = TNA C53/2 (Charter Roll 1 John part 2) m.24, s.xiii in.


Sealed sur double queue, parchment tag through a single slit, most of lower part of seal impression in green wax varnished greenish brown


TNA C53/2 (Charter Roll 1 John part 2) m.24


(from B) RC, 36b-37. 



Endorsed:  mans' (s.xv, ?notarial). Approx. 238 X 172 + 30mm. 

Letters in bold below supplied from A, missing from B.

Full translation supplied below

Photo of charter

Ioh(anne)s Dei gratia arex Angl(ie) dominus Hibernie dux Norm(annie) Aquit(anie) com(es) Andeg(auie) archiepiscopis, ep(iscop)is, abb(at)ibus, com(itibus), baron(ibus), iustic(iis), vic(ecomitibus), prepo(s)itis et omnibus ball(iu)is et fidelibus suis salutema.  Sciatis nos concessisse et presenti carta nostra confirmasse Geruasio Gauberto et heredibus suis rationabilem donationem quam dilectus et fidelis noster Godefridus Winton' episcopus ei fecit de una hyda terre cum omnibus pertinentiis suis in bCrudebriggb de cescaettac sua, et rationabilem donationem eiusdem episcopi prefato Geruasio et heredibus suis factam de tota terra cum omnibus pertinent(iis) suis que fuit Walteri fil(ii) Ric(ardi) de Oxoneburn' in manerio suo de Menes qui fuit utlagatus eo quod quendam fratrem suum nequiter occiderat et ob hoc terra illa in manum prefati episcopi deuenit sicut escaettac sua.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod predictus Geruas(ius) et heredes sui post ipsum terras predictas h(abe)ant et teneant cum omnibus pertinentiis suis de prefato episcopo et successoribus suis bene et in pace, libere et quiete, integre, honorifice et hereditarie, in bosco et plano, in pratis, pascuis et culturis, in aquis, viis et semitis et in omnibus aliis rebus et locis et cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus ad easdem terras pertinentibus sic(ut) carta reg(is) Ric(ardi) fratris nostri et carte memorati G(odefridi) Winton' episcopi rationabiliter testantur.  dTest(ibus)d: Will(elm)o com(ite) eSaresb'e, Will(elm)o de Brahos', Will(elm)o fil(io) Alani, Hug(one) Bard', fWill(elm)o Bryegwerr', Rob(erto) fil(io) Rog(eri), Thom(a) Basset, Alan(o) Bassetf.  Dat' per man(um) S(imonis) archid(iaconi) Wellen' et Ioh(ann)is de Gray apud Freidmauntel, ii. die Martii anno regni nostri primo.

aetc B berased in A, supplied from B cescaeta B dB inserts Will(el)mo Marescallo com(ite) de Penbroc' eSar' B fetc B


John by the grace of God King of England, lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justices, sheriffs, reeves and all bailiffs and faithful people, greetings. Know that we have granted and by this our present charter confirmed to Gervase Gaubert and his heirs the reasonable grant that our dear and faithful Godfrey bishop of Winchester made to him of one hide of land with all its appurtenances in Curbridge (Hampshire) from his escheat, and the reasonable grant made by the same bishop to the aforesaid Gervase and his heirs of the whole land with all its appurtenances which was held by Walter fitz Richard of Oxenbourne in his manor of [East] Meon (Hampshire), who was an outlaw because he wickedly killed his brother and on account of this that land came into the hand of the aforesaid bishop as his escheat. Whereby we wish and firmly order that the aforesaid Gervase and his heirs after him have and hold the aforesaid lands with all their appurtenances from the aforesaid bishop and his successors well and in peace, freely and peacefully, fully, honourably and in hereditary right, in wood and in plain, in meadows, pastures and fields, in waters, roads and paths and in all other things and places and with all liberties and free customs pertaining to the same lands, as is reasonably set out in the charter of King Richard our brother and in the charters of the aforementioned Godfrey bishop of Winchester. Witnessed by William earl of Salisbury, William de Braose, William fitz Alan, Hugh Bardolf, William Brewer, Robert fitz Roger, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset. Given by the hands of Simon archdeacon of Wells and John de Grey at Freemantle on 2 March in the first year of our reign.

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