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Notification of the King's confirmation of a settlement between William bishop of London and abbot G. and the convent of Saint-Ouen at Rouen



Notification of the King's confirmation of a settlement between William bishop of London and abbot G. and the convent of Saint-Ouen at Rouen


William de Sainte-Mère-Église (bishop of London 1199-1221) (People)

Date of issue

30 May 1205

Place of issue

Waltham (Places)


A1: Rouen, Archives départementales de la Seine-Maritime, 14H910; A2: ibid.


B = TNA C 53/ (Charter Roll 7 John) m.12, s.xiii in.


A1: Sealed sur double queue, dark brown and white cords through 3 holes, seal impression missing. A2: Sealed sur double queue, dark brown cords through 3 holes, seal impression missing.


TNA C 53/ (Charter Roll 7 John) m.12


(from B) RC, 151b



A1: Endorsed: regis Iohannis quod Will(elmus) London’ episcopus accepit manerium nostrum de Mersai ad dies suos et quod post mortem eius reuerti debet ad nos (s.xiii); Anglia confirmatio domini I(ohannis) regis Anglorum (s.xiii); ∂ a xxiiiita (s.xiii); various post-medieval endorsements. Approx. 229 X 166 + 28mm. A2: In the same hand, but severely rodent damaged on left hand side. Endorsed: Anglia confirmatio domini I(ohannis) regis Anglorum (s.xiii); various post-medieval endorsements. Approx. 204 X 173 + 32mm. 

Brackets [] below show passages legible in A1 now missing from A2

Photo of charter

[Ioh(an]ne)s Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hybern(ie) dux Norm(annie) aAquit(anie)a betb com(es) And(egauie) archiepiscopis, episcopis, [abb(at)ibus, c]om(itibus), baronibus, iustic(iis), vic(ecomitibus), preposit(is), ministris et omnibus ball(iu)is et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis [nos] concessisse et presenti carta nostra confirmasse venerabili patri nostro domino cWill(elm)oc London’ episcopo conuentionem [facta]m inter ipsum et G. abb(at)em et conuentum sancti Audoeni dRothomag’d de terris eeorume de Mersay et de f[Fingringe]hof et gPeythg in Angl(ia) cum omnibus pertinentiis suis, ita quod idem ep(is)c(opus) terras illas h(abe)at et teneat [toto] tempore vite sue ad firmam sicut scriptum inter eundem ep(iscopu)m et predictos abbatem et conuentum factum et sigillorum [eorum] appositione munitum testatur.  Concedimus etiam et volumus quod si predicte terre occasione aliqua in manum nostram de[uenerint], predictus ep(is)c(opus) hterras illash bene et in pace teneat, irespondendoi nob(is) de eadem firma quam jpredictisj abb(at)i et [conuentui] kredderek debebat.  Volumus etiam quod quando de predicto episcopo humanitus contigerit, predicte terre in manum eorundem [abbat]is et conuentus redeant sicut fuerunt die qua eas predicto episcopo ad firmam tradiderunt, ita quod nullus ep(is)c(opus) [Londo]n’ post ipsum nec aliquis alius occasione illius firme lprefatol episcopo tradite in terras illas manum mittat [nec aliq(uo)d iu]s in eis vendicare possit.  Quare volumus et firmiter precipimus quod predictus ep(is)c(opus) h(abe)at et teneat pre[dictas terra]s ad firmam de predictis abb(at)e et conuentu vel de nob(is) si forte terre ille in manum nostram deuenerint, [bene] et in pace, libere et quiete, integre, plenarie et honorifice in omnibus locis et rebus cum omnibus libertatibus [et liber]is consuetudinibus ad terras illas pertinentibus sicut predictum est.  T(estibus) G(alfrido) filio Petri comite Essex’, [comite R(ogero)] mBygot’m, W(illelmo) comite nSarn, Petr(o) de Stok’, Symone de Pateshill’, Iacobo de Poterna, Io[h(ann)e] de Stok’.  Dat’ per manum oIoscelinio de Well’ apud Waltham,, xxx. die Maii anno regni nostri viiº.

aAquitan' A2 bet not in A2 cW(illelmo) B dRothom' B eeorum A1 A2, suis B fSingring'ho B gde Peith' B hpredictas terras irespondo B jnot in B krespondere cancelled, reddere B lprefato A1 A2, sepenominato B mBigod' B nSarr' B oI(oscelini) B


Notification that the king has granted and in this his present charter confirmed to William bishop of London the settlement made between him and abbot G. and the convent of Saint-Ouen at Rouen concerning their lands of (East or West) Mersea (Essex) and Fingringhoe (Essex) and Peet Tie Hall (Peldon, Essex) in England, so that the bishop may hold the lands for his lifetime at farm, as the written agreement made between the two parties and sealed with their seals sets out. The king also grants that if the aforesaid lands for any reason come into his hands, the bishop shall hold the lands in peace, answering to the king for the farm that he ought to have rendered to the abbot and convent. The king also wills that when the bishop goes the way of all flesh the aforesaid lands shall return to the abbot and convent as they were on the day when the bishop farmed them, so that no bishop of London after him nor anyone else by reason of this farm shall get his hands on these lands, nor have any right to claim them.

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