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Notification of the King’s grant of protection to Ter Doest Abbey, with licence to repair and build new ships



Notification of the King’s grant of protection to Ter Doest Abbey, with licence to repair and build new ships


Ter Doest Abbey (Institutions)

Date of issue

16 May 1212

Place of issue

Temple Ewell (Places)


A = Bruges, Archives of the Grootseminarie, Fonds Duinen, no. 275



Sealed sur double queue, 3 holes for cords, complete seal impression in green wax, bottom right hand side detached, approx. 100mm. diameter, with signs of earlier repair, including metal pin and dark sealing wax, attached to the document itself with a goldenish yello cord, passing only through the top hole, and itself held to the seal by a modern hole bored into the seal next to the left hand side of the king's head on the majesty side, perhaps not the original cords, traces of pinkish cords at top and bottom of seal impression.



(from A) Cronica Abbatum monasterii de Dunis, ed. C.L. Carton (Bruges, 1839), 152-3 no.28; Chronique de l'Abbaye de Ter Doest, ed. F. Van de Putte and C. Carton (Bruges, 1845), 42 no.12; (calendar from A) Inventaire des chartes, bulles ponitificales, privilèges et documents divers, de la bibliothèque du seminaire épiscopal de Bruges (Bruges, 1857), 11 no.275.



Endorsed: de theloneo pontagio passagio data non scribitur (s.xiii med); m.iiii (?s.xiii); Ioh(ann)is reg(is) Anglie (s.xiii med); Ioannes rex Anglie (?s.xvi); anno 1004 (?s.xvii); various post medieval endorsements.  On the front, at right hand under fold, anno 1004 (?s.xvii); 1216 (s.xix). Approx. 165 X 96 + 31mm. 

Photo of charter

Iohannes Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hibern(ie) dux Norm(annie) Aquit(anie) et com(es) Andeg(auie) iustic(iis), vicecomitibus et omnibus balliuis et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis quod suscepimus in custodiam et protectionem nostram abbatem et monachos de Thosan et omnes homines et res et possessiones suas in proprios usus eorum conuersas, et ideo vobis mandamus quod ipsos et omnia sua manuteneatis et custodiatis sicut nostra dominica, et nullam eis vel suis inferatis vel fieri permittatis iniuriam, molestiam vel grauamen, et si quis in aliquo eis forisfecerit, id sine dilacione faciatis emendari.  Preterea volumus et firmiter precipimus quod idem abbas de Thosan et fratres eiusdem loci et omnes res et catalla sua propria que per potestatem nostram ducent quieta sint de theloneo et pontagio et passagio et omnibus aliis consuetudinibus ad nos pertinentibus.  Dedimus eciam eisdem fratribus licenciam nouas naues faciendi et veteres emendandi et ligna q(ue)libet ad usus proprios comparandi.  Ipsi vero nob(is) bona fide promiserunt quod per eos vel per suos nullum malum eueniet nob(is) vel regno nostro et quod passagium nunciorum nostrorum per eos euncium et redeuncium et aliorum qui ad nos bona fide venerint promouebunt.  T(este) domino I(ohanne) Norwic' episcopo apud Templum de Ewell' xvi. die Maii anno regn(i) n(ostri)


Notification that the king has granted his protection to the abbot and monks of Ter Doest Abbey, their people and own possessions and those of their lay brothers. Moreover the king orders that the abbot and brothers and all their own goods and chattels be quit of toll, passage and pontage. The king also gives to the brothers licence to build new ships and to repair old ones and to gather wood for their own use.

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