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Notification of the King's grant of a Thursday market at Cottingham to William de Stuteville




Notification of the King's grant of a Thursday market at Cottingham to William de Stuteville


William de Stuteville (d.1203) (People)

Date of issue

24 August 1199

Place of issue

Rouen (Places)


Nottingham, University Archives Middleton MiD 4649 - Reproduced by courtesy of Nottingham University Manuscripts and Special Collections


B = TNA C 53/1 (Charter Roll 1 John part 1) m.21, 1199.


Sealed sur double queue, originally pink and white cords through 3 holes, now through 2 holes and 2 slits cut at the bottom of the plica, seal impression heavily repaired, central portion only in light green wax, accords with other seal impressions. 


TNA C 53/1 (Charter Roll 1 John part 1) m.21, 1199.


(from B) RC, 12b. 



Endorsed: le Marche de Cotingham done par le rey Ihon... mercate de Cotingham (s.xiv); ii. (?s.xiv); 1 of K(ing) John (s.xvii); various post medieval endorsements.  Approx. 184 X 52 + 33mm. Badly damp damaged and rubbed.  Text ends with half a line of scribble completing the second half of the final line.  Attached to it a s.xvii/xviii paper copy made as if an original.    

Note that the enrolment offers significant variations, including an extra witness (Savaric bp of Bath) and the date 23 (as opposed to 24) August.

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Ioh(ann)es Dei gratia rex Angl(ie) dominus Hibernie dux Norm(annie) Aquit(anie) com(es) Andeg(auie) arch(iepiscop)is, ep(iscop)is, abb(at)ibus, comitibus, baronibus, vicecom(itibus) et omnibus balliuis et fidelibus suis salutem.  Sciatis nos dedisse et concessisse et hac presenti carta nostra confirmasse adilectoa nostro Will(elm)o de Stuteuill' et heredibus suis unum mercatum in villa de bCotinghamb per unum diem in qualibet septimana, scil(icet) diem Iouis, et ideo volumus et firmiter precipimus quod idem Will(elmu)s et heredes sui post eum habeant et teneant cbene et in pace mercatum illumc cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus ad huiusmodi mercatum pertinentibus.  dHiis testibus:  E(ustachio) Eliensi ep(iscop)od, W(illelmo) com(ite) eArundell'e, W(illelmo) Marescall(o) comite de fPenbrocf.  Dat' per manum H(uberti) Cant' archiepiscopi cancell(arii) nostri apud gRothomagumg, hxxiiii.h die Augusti regni nostri anno primo.

aet fideli B bCotingam B c'mercatum illud bene et in pace' B dT(estibus) S. Bathon' et E(ustachiio) Eliens' episcopis B eArundel' B fB inserts etc. gRothom' in B hxxiii in B


Notification that the king has granted and confirmed to William de Stuteville and his heirs a market in the vill of Cottinham, to be held for one day every week, namely Thursday.

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